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“Social Justice Warrior” has a really lovely ring to it.

I’ve been meaning to write a GamerGate post.  Everyone else has, pretty much.  I’m busy with other things (such as deciding if I have enough of an idea to try NaNoWriMo this year — I may need to settle for … Continue reading

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I am in love with Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Last week I went to see the wonderful Mary Chapin Carpenter in concert. (Tift Merrit was the opening act — she was pretty great, too.) I have seen her before, and plan to catch her the next time she tours. … Continue reading

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Anniversaries I would just as soon forget.

Twenty-five years ago today, I sat in my loft unit in graduate student housing at Stanford, waiting for the third game of the Bay Bridge Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland As to start, when the entire … Continue reading

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Just a reminder: this year marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Berkeley Free Speech movement.  It was a movement that could only take place in an environment free from social media, from a job market where potential graduates have to … Continue reading

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Last month, when the pictures of naked female celebrities were leaked online, I read a chorus of “What did she expect? She should have taken better precautions!” My position, articulated in the several comment threads which I deemed to participate … Continue reading

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” It is almost as if Plaintiff ’s counsel chose the opinion by throwing long range darts at the Federal Reporter…”

 Bradshaw v. Unity Marine Corp. (147F Supp. 2d 668 (S.D. Tex. 2001)) just may be the most entertaining court ruling I have ever read. I am making a spectacle of myself in Starbucks as I giggle, snort, and laugh outright at … Continue reading

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The stories in the wine.

In Lisbon, there is a Institute of Port Wine ( Instituto do Vinho do Porto).  You can sit in comfortable chairs and taste different types or ports — drinking glasses of ports that are far more expensive than what you could … Continue reading

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Where do the rest of us fit in?

I was listening last night to the TED Radio Hour on NPR, and the subject was technology.  There were pieces about how current technology — including social media — could be used to magnify the impact of terrorist attacks, the … Continue reading

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There are a few advantages to growing older.

I am sad I am aging.  I miss having preteens around the house.  But… I no longer have to deal with the mommy wars. I no longer have to feel either vaguely guilty or aggressively defiant that I do not … Continue reading

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I think the vehemence of the prior post was caused by several arguments I have had today with people who insist labor unions are the worst thing that ever happened to this country, that cops are overpaid, and that public … Continue reading

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A manifesto, of sorts.

I will not use any service that purports to replace a regulated service in any city where said service refuses to abide by existing regulations. No Uber or Lyft in cities where they do not follow the same regs as … Continue reading

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Back from Spain. Great trip. Too much to write about. Saw three museums in Madrid. Ate too much jamon. Fell down a small staircase. Discovered the limits of my mobility. Good times.

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