“Social Justice Warrior” has a really lovely ring to it.

I’ve been meaning to write a GamerGate post.  Everyone else has, pretty much.  I’m busy with other things (such as deciding if I have enough of an idea to try NaNoWriMo this year — I may need to settle for NaBloPoMo), so I think I’ll have to let it slide.  A couple of observations, however: you know your “crusade” is on the wrong track when articles about it hit the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch Headlines”; and, once again, I need to declare my adoration of Chris Kluwe.

Also, I wish I could call myself a “Social Justice Warrior” but if it were left up to me, I reserve that honorific to people for people who have actually worked hard (or harder than I have, in any case) for social justice. Like the good people at the SPLC, for example. (Blogging doesn’t really count.) Simply calling out misogyny and hatred where it occurs really doesn’t require one to be a “warrior,” only a person of intelligence and common sense. (And yes, I know it’s supposed to be pejorative, but really, people. You have a problem with social justice?  Someone did a poor job of raising you. We can have differing opinions of what social justice is, or how to achieve it, but to deride it? That’s just sad.)

I am proud to call myself a liberal.  Loudly.  I know that many of us have retreated to “progressive” to avoid the dreaded “L” word, but screw that. Our tradition is too long and too important to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Liberal. Liberal. Liberal. LIBERAL.*

That’s me.

*My political and social outlook is pretty much described by the first three quotes in my “Words to Live By,” but most especially by Micah 6:8.

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