I have to be grateful for.

It is the turning of the seasons.

I will be going to Spain in a week.

It is my favorite silly holiday of the year — International Talk Like a Pirate Day.*

It is my weekend. (I work Sunday through Thursday.)

I have a job, even if I am not working as many hours as I would like.

I went out with co-workers last night and had fun.

I cleaned off the headboard to my bed.

Starbucks has started carrying Salted Carmel Mochas again. (They are also carrying Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I don’t like those.)

I have found a new social networking site (Ello), which I am much more pleased with than the state of affairs at Facebook.  Now if I can just talk to enough of my friends into joining. (I have invites if anyone wants; if you are already on there ping me so I can add you to my lists.)

I have a table with an outlet next to it.

Little things, perhaps. Maybe that’s all anyone really needs.

I am saving the existential crises for next week.

*Rumor has it that Krispy Kreme was giving away one dozen glazed doughnuts to anyone who showed up at their stores today dressed in pirate garb.  I choose not to chase down this rumor because a) I do not own pirate garb and b) I do not need glazed doughnuts.

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