I am spitballing here (to use a very annoying neologism).  It’s one of the ways I cope with the incomprehensible.

Given that Roe v.Wade is under attack, we need to figure out what we will do for the women affected. We need to have a game plan. Assuming that there are groups that can undertake this (not Planned Parenthood — we need to keep their hands clean so that they can continue to offer other medical services) some ideas are:

For early abortions, the simplest would be to smuggle in abortion drugs. This would require a doctor willing to write prescriptions for them, or smuggling them in from abroad. If people can get the drugs, I am willing to fly to the affected states and hand them off to others.

Since I think eliminating some forms of birth control will be next, I am also willing to fly doses of Plan B or the pill to affected states. Plan B will be easier — it’s over the counter in my state.

For more complicated abortions, we need to be able to fly women out  of state or have a network of reliable doctors in the states. Or both.

We need to figure this out now.

And yes, I am willing to go to prison over this.


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