Dear commentator on msnbc…

I don’t blame Donald Trump for what happened in Hawaii. It’s clearly the fault of some government official in Hawaii. (And Hawaii? One person hitting a wrong button could instigate mass panic? Without review by a higher-up? Seriously? What is wrong with you? And are you going to fix it anytime soon?)

I don’t blame Trump for the actions of the North Koreans in testing nuclear weapons. They were working towards that before he took office, and they would be doing so if Clinton were president.

I do blame Trump for creating — or attempting to create — a global atmosphere in which nuclear war seems possible, even winnable.

I do blame Trump for the way in which he seems to see allies — South Korea, Japan — and even U.S. territories and states — Guam, Hawaii — as less important than his own ego.

I do blame Trump for his failure to respond with anything approaching empathy or care towards the residents of Hawaii, who spent nearly forty minutes in terror, not to mention their off-island families, who received tearful calls and texts saying goodbye. I dread being woken in the middle of the night by a call like this from my son in South Korea.

It is disturbing when some of us wonder if the outcome would have been different had Trump been in the White House watching Fox and Friends rather than golfing. I would bet very good money, though, that had he ordered a nuclear strike, he would have blamed Hawaii, rather than an administration failure to investigate what was happening.

If Trump pushes the button, will there be a Stanislav Petrov to save us?

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