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If you have seen the movie The Monuments Men (which I loved, although the critics didn’t), you know that the Nazis seized the Ghent altarpiece from St. Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. The movie showed this as evidence of the evil … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous musings, Olympic edition.

I had thought of writing a post condemning Mike Pence’s appallingly boorish behavior at the opening ceremonies but decided I didn’t want to waste that many words on him. Suffice it to say that he insulted our allies, embarrassed our … Continue reading

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Woodstock revisited.

I have a whole lot of thoughts about the Olympics (among them, if ski jumping is amazing, which it is, then snowboard big air (which is ski jumping with a snowboard where you turn corkscrews in the air while you … Continue reading

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Dear AKC: I read your statement “dispelling the myths of ear cropping and tail-docking.” You claim that the procedures are not aesthetic, but are instead functional, allowing dogs to perform their “traditional” functions. Ok, fine. When you show me a … Continue reading

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Small miracles.

It has been a day. I had to have a minor diagnostic procedure this morning, after which I was going up to San Francisco to meet a friend to go see the Walker Evans exhibit at SFMoMA. As I was … Continue reading

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