Dear AKC:

I read your statement “dispelling the myths of ear cropping and tail-docking.” You claim that the procedures are not aesthetic, but are instead functional, allowing dogs to perform their “traditional” functions.

Ok, fine. When you show me a Yorkshire Terrier, Brussels Griffon, or French Bulldog that is used to chase vermin, I’ll accept your argument. Otherwise, tail-docking and ear-cropping are really just aesthetic, and you should admit that.

(Note: I am not wading into the argument as to whether tail-docking and ear cropping are good or bad things, and I recognize for some working, herding, and sporting dogs the procedures may make them more suited for the work they do. And if you have a terrier doing field trials or work where they are headed down rabbit holes, then having a docked tail may be helpful. All I am doing is point out that for some breeds the “it’s not aesthetic” stance is patently ridiculous.)

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