I have not been writing.  There is a big post on a very painful (but not too personal — do not worry) subject.

I could post about inconsequential things — how the cat has bombed the bed again; how happy am I Sherlock has come back.  There are the slightly more consequential things — Downtown Abbey has been almost unwatchable thus far this season, seeing as it has two story lines involving danger to two of my most favorite characters.  Thankfully, one of the story lines has been resolved more or less happily, but the arc about Anna… God, it’s too painful. (Oh, and Wikipedia — the spoiler about Lady Edith in the character section is sloppy and you should collectively be shot.)

There are the really consequential things: my niece had her baby, who my sister cannot visit because she is recovering from a nasty flu, which would have been worse had she not been vaccinated, (Yes, it is still sometimes possible to get the flu even after you are vaccinated — does not mean you should not be.) Or that the Red-Headed Menace had an interview for one of his reach schools which started at one o’clock and was supposed to last half-an-hour, but ran until 2:30.

I open tab after tab of interesting links and don’t write about them.  Well, there’s hopefully tomorrow, when I’m off. As long as the low-grade fever I’m running doesn’t turn into something nastier.

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