I have a sore throat, so according to household protocol I am stuck in my rooms until it goes away or we find it’s not contagious. It’s not COVID — I have passed a Binex test this morning. But it could be something else. I know it’s early, but to pass the time I am watching Christmas television programs (the good ones — not Lifetime movies).

So, some thoughts on How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the animated original, not the two feature films). This is my favorite Christmas special, even more so than Charlie Brown or Rudolph. It helps to know the show when reading:

  1. “Welcome Christmas” is not the most annoying Christmas song ever, but it’s up there.
  2. Some of those decorations look dangerous. Especially the spiky things on the floor.
  3. His reaction is disproportionate, but the Grinch does have a point about the noise on Christmas morning with small children. Fire engines with “realistic sound,” anyone?
  4. I have read people complain about the roast beast having no bones. Clearly, it’s a turducken.
  5. Strawberries in winter are much more impressive than the traditional citrus fruit, which are in season. When I was growing up, my parents would give us a tangerine in our stockings. It confused me — I grew up in Florida! Citrus fruit was everywhere! The divinity, on the other hand…*
  6. Reprise of annoying song.
  7. Max is the best character in the whole story. I wonder what sort of dog he is.
  8. Impressive crafting there, Grinch. Making an entire Santa costume from scratch in an afternoon.
  9. Unlike “Welcome Christmas,” “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” is a wonderful song.
  10. Scary trip down the mountain. Max probably sees his life flash before his eyes.
  11. Most impressive pool shot ever.
  12. Who puts kids to bed with candy canes? Sticky, sticky!
  13. Taking all the food is a bit much.
  14. Cindy Lou Who is cuter than a sack of kittens.
  15. The Grinch is not the only one who lies to kids… Do you really think Santa exists?
  16. Leaving a crumb too small for the mice? What did the mice ever do to him?
  17. The candy and the ice cubes he took are going to make everything wet and mushy.
  18. Is it me or do the mountains look like Bald Mountain in Fantasia?
  19. Another reprise of annoying song.
  20. Awww.. nice messaging about the meaning of Christmas.
  21. Why don’t things fall out of the bags on the sled when they are tipped over Mount Crumpet?
  22. Heart growing three sizes sounds unhealthy.
  23. After he carved the roast beast, the Grinch was arrested by the Whoville police on multiple counts of Grand Larceny.
  24. And, finally, last reprise of the annoying song.

I hoped you enjoyed reading. Maybe next time I should do something longer, like It’s a Wonderful Life. Or probably not.

*f you are unfamiliar with divinity… it is a fudgy marshmallow-like candy with either pecans or peppermint bits. My mother was generally a bad cook, but she made amazing divinity. I could never get mine to set up properly.

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