COVID strikes home..

I have become one of the one people out of six that have gotten COVID in my county. I tested positive both on two at-home tests (by different manufacturers), as well as not one but two PCR tests. (I had to go to the ER, and the results from the first PCR were not posted yet, so the doctors ordered a second 90-minute test.) My middle son had symptoms but has not (yet) tested positive. We are both in isolation.

I had to call my dentist, who was grateful for my calling, and my oral surgeon, who was not. His office questioned whether I had been symptom-free when I had visited them before (I had been — and had taken a test that morning).

This is cosmically unfair to the Not-So-Little Drummer Boy. He remains symptom-free and has tested negative, and so has the run of the house but finds himself waiting on Railfan and myself because we can’t leave our rooms. Fortunately, Railfan continues to test negative, so he probably only had a cold and will be out of his room shortly.

I have a television, which Railfan does not, but he has an extensive online social network (he mods a Discord group), which I do not, and also a chair and desk, unlike me, who has to resort to sitting on my bed, which does my back no favors. I am envious of both of those.

I watch Turner Classic Movies in part. I have seen part of Fiddler on the Roof, part of Bridge on the River Kwai, part of Blithe Spirit, and most of Dog Day Afternoon, which I stumbled upon one night and found fascinating. I have DVRed a few movies. It’s the channel’s “31 Days of Oscar” month, where every movie is an Oscar winner for something. This means that the level of fare is a little better than usual.

I lucked into watching An American in Paris, which is charming. (The scene with Gene Kelly and the Parisian children makes me smile.) It has Gershwin, even better. And I will get to watch the Oscars without interruption, which will be fun. As you can see, I am trying to put the best face on this.

Unfortunately, an American in Paris was followed by Gone With the Wind, which I refuse to watch. TCM has claimed that they want to put difficult movies “into context,” but they don’t really. All they did for this movie was to say that it remembers slavery as “a dream remembered.” They mentioned Hattie McDaniel’s historic win as the first Black actor to win an Oscar, but didn’t mention that she had to sit aside at the ceremony.

I was sickest the first day — although I thought it was only allergies when I got up but took a test anyway. I got to feel worse during the day, including a fever and shortness of breath. That last resulted in a trip to the ER, where they determined the COVID exacerbated my asthma, took a chest x-ray, gave me prescriptions for prednisone for the asthma and anti-virals for the COVID. The anti-virals were stocked at only a few pharmacies, probably because it was an old drug (retail price: $2.59). It cost more for the gas to get to the pharmacy than the retail price of the drug.

So here I am. Slowly going stir crazy. I am better enough to be bored, but not well enough to leave me room. Mostly it upsets me that I have to burden others with my care. Although I am glad they continue to test negative.

I am trying to figure out where I picked it up. The most likely seems to be the oral surgeon or the physical therapist. It doesn’t really matter, though. I have notified the people I have been in contact with to the best of my ability, including putting my result into the California Notification System, which notified me the day after I tested positive that I had been exposed. Some help.

I really don’t know what to do next.

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