I am not going to talk about the Mueller report just yet. For one thing, all we have is AG Barr’s synopsis, and given his position in the administration, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

And for another paranoid reason: there may be troll brigades out there clogging up any blogs who talk about it. I know that that is irrational, given the limited readership of this blog, but I keep thinking of the gun nut who showed up to argue with me after the Sandy Hook shooting. He had never read the blog before, and simply found us by Googling for blogs writing about gun control. It turns out that he worked for a NRA sponsored magazine doing social media.

I don’t mind arguing with people, but the people I have seen have claimed it was a witch hunt, just like the administration. On more than one occasions I have had to say “Just because an investigation is inconclusive, or is settled, does not mean the investigation should not have taken place.” In one case someone argued, with no evidence whatsoever, that the investigations in the 1970s into Trump’s violations of the Fair Housing Act were “witch hunts.” I walked away from that one — there are arguments that aren’t worth while. What is the proverb? “Never mud-wrestle a pig. You can’t win, and the pig enjoys it.”

A friend posed a question in her Facebook: aside from the fact that we now have to listen to the right crowing, why are we upset? Our president was not guilty of colluding to win the 2016 election; shouldn’t we be glad of that?

It took me all of thirty seconds of reflection to identify one significant reason I’m upset.  If there was no collusion, then Trump’s sucking up to Putin, and Kim, and Duarte,and taking all those actions that undermine our national security, were on his own initiative, and show that he is much more stupid than we all thought.

Which is a very scary thought.

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