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A post I’d like to point y’all towards: Default to kindness by Ian Welsh.  I heartily agree with what Mr. Welsh has to say.  (Via Mike the Mad Biologist.)

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I’ve been thinking about The Book of Mormon more. I’ve decided that whereas one of my favorite movies, Dogma, addresses the question, “What does faith look like?,” The Book of Mormon asks “What is religion good for, anyway?” They are … Continue reading

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I wish you joy.

On Tuesday, I went to Grace Cathedral to walk the labyrinth.  Something I was involved in had just ended on Monday, and between that ending and my job assignment being completed, and just life generally, I felt in need of … Continue reading

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Not a lot of people could do that

When I mentioned to the Rocket Scientist that “Elf’s Lament” by the Barenaked Ladies is “the theme song for the Occupy North Pole movement,” he cracked up.  “Oh, we need to do that next summer,” he cackled, referring to him … Continue reading

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