The best thing since…

On Saturday I baked my third batch of bread. Each batch makes two loaves. Because they have no preservatives if they don’t get eaten quickly they mold, so we gave a loaf to the Red-Headed Menace and his Really Smart Partner (RSP).

Because they are homebaked, we need to slice them ourselves. I cannot slice an even piece of bread to save my life. Either it is two inches thick, or so thin it tears before I can finish cutting it.

I really wish I could take the loaves somewhere and say “Here, can you slice this for me?” I don’t think bakeries would do that though.

Thing is… it is much better bread than the sliced type you get in the store. I wouldn’t trade it. So I guess it is a better thing than sliced bread.

Next up: cinnamon rolls. At least those won’t need to be sliced.

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