Just stuff.

Sometimes, when everything is going to hell, it’s important to remember what good there is in your life. So, in more or less random order…

  • Hamilton.
  • The Avengers movies
  • Fantasia (& Fantasia 2000)
  • Disney+
  • Art
  • Amazon (don’t judge me)
  • Facebook groups
  • Intelligent friends
  • Within that group, the alums of my college and law school
  • That I was able to reconnect with a close friend from college after eight years
  • Coursera and edx (and free online courses in general)
  • Blogging
  • The Cooking Channel
  • Alton Brown
  • That my kids are all grown up so I won’t have to start homeschooling (I know my limits)
  • The New York Times Mini Crossword
  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • Google Art & Culture collections
  • Wikimediacommons
  • Good doctors
  • Good medicine
  • That I caught my tooth infection before it got too severe
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • That I have had the opportunity to travel so extensively
  • That the Rocket Scientist and I had our trip to South America just weeks before the coronavirus hit.
  • That the Rocket Scientist fixed the dryer with twelve dollars worth of parts thus saving us from having to have a hundred-dollar service call
  • New skills: baking bread.
  • People who take COVID-19 seriously.
  • That my family insists on me staying put and not taking chances, given my risk factors.
  • That live in an area where people have no problem wearing masks.
  • Horse racing
  • The color blue
  • The roof above me
  • The food in the pantry
  • The fuzzies: Penwiper & Pandora
  • The Not So Little Drummer Boy’s Sweet & Charming Girlfriend (Fiancee?)
  • The Red-Headed Menace’s Really Smart Partner (Note: the SCG is also smart, and the RSP is also sweet)
  • My family
  • Love
  • Life

Things are still terrible, but I think I feel a little better

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