Elections Checklist

I will be repeating this several times before the election:

  1. Make sure your registration is up to date NOW. If there are problems, or if you have changed your name, address, or party affiliation since you last registered, reregister ASAP.
  2. If possible check to see what options you have for voting: early voting, absentee/vote-by-mail, etc. Your registrar of voters website should have this information.
  3. Develop a plan for voting: will you vote by mail? At the polls? Early? If you choose to vote early, when will you do so? How does the pandemic affect those plans?
  4. Unless your state/county automatically sends out ballots to all voters (Washington, Oregon, some counties in California) determine what the last date is that can you request an absentee ballot? Send in your request well before that date (as soon as allowable would be good).
  5. If your state requires an excuse in order to get an absentee ballot, find out what excuses are acceptable and whether you might fulfill the requirements. Talk to your doctor if necessary.
  6. If you suspect that the USPS might not be up to the job of handling all the ballots, find out where you can drop ballots off. Can you drop them off well before election day? Does your county have drop off boxes? Where are they, and what hours are they available? Can you drop them off at the registrar of voters office? Can you drop them off at the polls?
  7. If you choose to use the USPS, check the front of the ballot. Some of them require extra postage. Make sure to use an extra stamp or two to make sure the ballot gets to where it needs to go.
  8. Before you drop it off, either in a dropbox or in a mailbox, MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE BALLOT.
  9. If you are going to the polls, find out if there is an i.d. requirement and make sure that you have the i.d. at hand.
  10. Find out where your polling place is, and how to get there, if necessary.

Most importantly,


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