November, thus far.

It’s definitely fall.

The trees are turning late this year.  Usually, they turn in October; but the trees on my street only started changing color last week.  They’re not quite as bright as usual, either.  It is still lovely to see them.

The nights are chilly (for the Northern California value thereof), the days mild.  The darkness falls earlier, at 4:59 today, now that Daylight Savings Time has ended. It gets colder quickly: when I walked outside to get my bag from the car just now, I could see my breath.

November started with pain, and looks to be continuing so.  The fall that injured my knee also trashed my ribs, and they hurt.  Unlike the knee, the pain is intermittent, but when it happens it is severe.  It takes my breath away and causes me to whimper.  (And that’s as they are getting better: a week ago they were making me scream.) I am on muscle-relaxants, which help, but that means I can’t drive.  I went to work for three hours Monday night, but the exertion of pulling myself out of my work chair caused my ribs to start hurting and I could not concentrate.

Tonight was better.  I got in late, but was able to work a more or less full shift.  Very few people hung up on me, and very few people were overtly nasty.  So things are improving.  The mess with the national website isn’t helping, nor is what is going on in Washington in general.  And, really, the criticism is valid:  it appears that the Administration was totally caught by surprise by the demand and failed to require enough capacity.  Which is absolutely ridiculous: they had the statistics about the number of uninsured — did they really not expect people not to jump at the chance to buy insurance?  In the two and a half months I have been doing this I have talked to one (one!) person who was uninsured who stated that she had no intention of buying insurance and would rather pay the penalty.

Also, a Canadian company? Without putting it out for bids?  You don’t think that there would be Silicon Valley firms that would love to be able to brag that they put together the biggest, baddest website possible?  They had three years, surely they could have put this out to bid.  So, they could have had an abbreviated bid schedule, if necessary.  They could have… they should have.

It looks like I will not be able to finish my 50K of words by then end of November after all.  My lack of writing over the past few days now means that I have to write 2,350 words a night to get there, and only once since the beginning of the month have I been able to do that.  Painkillers do have that sort of affect on the intellect (and the motivation) sometimes.

Well, although the nights are getting longer, midnight is still midnight.  And past bedtime.

‘Night, all.

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