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A few thoughts on the death penalty.

I have written before about my opinions about capital punishment, namely that it is morally indefensible. It turns out that more and more people are agreeing with me, such as the state legislature of Maryland. Earlier this year, in a … Continue reading

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Well, yes, I suppose it is kind of shallow, at that.

Part of the problem with being on painkillers is that it shuts down the part of the brain capable of making complicated arguments.  I can do some of it, but not nearly as well as I would like.  Foregoing the … Continue reading

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Another endangered species: scientific research in America.

Sadly, the Western Black Rhino has been declared extinct, and other species of rhino may  be close behind them. On the other hand… Scientists have discovered a new species of hammerhead shark in Carolina.  And a new species of “walking … Continue reading

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More random thoughts about The Voice’s first live performances.

I’ve been rewatching the live performances on YouTube.  Some thoughts: Watching James Wolpert’s  “A Case of You,” by far the best performance by any artist in the live round (and completely surprising given that his previous songs were all uptempo … Continue reading

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