Well, yes, I suppose it is kind of shallow, at that.

Part of the problem with being on painkillers is that it shuts down the part of the brain capable of making complicated arguments.  I can do some of it, but not nearly as well as I would like.  Foregoing the drugs does not help all that much either: when I am in pain the only thing I tend to think about is, well, pain.

So I need a project.  One that can be done lying in bed, preferably: sitting at the table hurts, after a relatively short while. Working on the computer is slow –I do not have a proper bed support, and therefore tend to do all my writing with one hand.  (The Rocket Scientist is a two-finger typist; I don’t know how he stands it.  Not being able to type more than ten words a minute is driving me even crazier than I am by the bed rest.)

So I am recategorizing my blog posts.  I never used categories and tags before moving to WordPress, although I am not sure why.  So I set up a group of tags and categories, which I list in the tag an category clouds on the side.  I kind of like the differing sizes of the tags — although the fact that “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me” is one of my top tags concerns me a bit.

Unfortunately, WordPress assigned the “nothing special” category to all the posts I had written before moving the blog.  If you look at the category cloud, it sticks out like a sore thumb, swamping everything else.  This annoys me:  for one thing, it looks like I never assign importance to anything I write, but more importantly, it is aesthetically unbalanced.

So I am hoping to get enough of the older posts recategorized that some of the categories actually look larger than the others.  I am being careful how I assign categories and tags, but I am trying to categorize as many as possible.  At some point, “nothing special” should decease in size and some of the others grow.

It’s really a trivial thing, but it does bother me.

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