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It’s that time again!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  That means… cooking. A lot of cooking.  I rather enjoy it, provided I am organized (ha!) and spread the work over several days. I’m putting this here because it is easy for me to access regardless whichever computer … Continue reading

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The “I have done nothing of note with my life” virus is running strong through my veins this evening. It is a weird combination of green-eyed envy, deep sadness, great shame, and and a surprising amount of guilt. The combination … Continue reading

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I have been worried about the increasing influence of churches in America in the past few years.  This may seem odd, since religion — particularly Christianity, particularly Protestantism — has always had some level of influence in America. I find … Continue reading

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Medical outrage.

Another entry into the “what has our government turned into” category.  It doesn’t revolve around law enforcement or terrorism, even though both of those are bad enough. No, this is an appointment to a position of power by a person … Continue reading

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