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Hello, Kitty is not historically accurate. Who knew.

I love driving my kids crazy, sometimes. For those of you are unfamiliar with the concept, LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) involves running around the woods (or the local park, depending upon your access to a car), usually waving fake … Continue reading

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The Voice.

[Note: I was writing this while the selections in the first live round were being announced, so that’s why there are asides about the selections.] I have gotten hooked on The Voice.  For people unfamiliar with the show, it is … Continue reading

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Random thoughts.

I realize that my posts the past few days have been rambling and somewhat incoherent — certainly not my best work.  (See previous post on things I am thankful for: hydrocodone.)  Writing does give me something other than watching television … Continue reading

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Twenty Things I’m Grateful For.

In no particular order: Good insurance, which means that that little fall I took on Sunday is not going to cost me thousands of dollars in ER and doctor fees. My doctor of 20 years, who completely and totally rocks. … Continue reading

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