Twenty Things I’m Grateful For.

In no particular order:

Good insurance, which means that that little fall I took on Sunday is not going to cost me thousands of dollars in ER and doctor fees.

My doctor of 20 years, who completely and totally rocks.


Cable.  So I have something to do when I have consumed hydrocone.

Cutthroat Kitchen and The Voice.

That the government is back up and functioning, for some value of functioning.

New music — new to me, at least — from OneRepublic, Pink, The Band Perry, and Ed Sheeran.

My new to me iPhone 4.

My coworker who dropped me a line to tell me people miss me.

California weather.


That fall is well under way, and we’re heading into winter.

Hot showers.

Chocolate pudding.

The color of the sky at sunset.


My friends.

My family, particularly the Rocket Scientist, who is doing a good job taking care of me.



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