Twenty things I worry about.

In no particular order:

That the bruise on my knee is getting larger.  And darker.

That the Affordable Care Act website glitches will make it difficult or impossible for people to sign up by December 15, meaning that vulnerable people will face a potential lapse in coverage.

That the Republican’s tactics in stalling Obama’s appointments to the federal judiciary will be successful in maintaing a federal judiciary willing to undermine women’s rights, among other things.

That my computer is getting slower and making ominous sounds occasionally.

That the Red-Headed Menace’s SAT scores are not online yet.

That the kid will have a nervous breakdown before all the college apps are in.

That I will have a nervous breakdown before all the college apps are in.

That no one is doing a good job explaining to people whose insurance plans are dropped that in many cases those plans were “junk insurance,” where people were paying premiums that really were not offering them much in the way in coverage.

That I will never make an impact on the world.

That my cat has gingivitis (I need to take her to the vet).

That my friend who has been sent to jail will not be safe.

That my injured leg will prevent me from taking on the contract job I have signed up for.

That my injured leg will impact my ability to make a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

That the NSA is spying on everybody.  (Not that anything I do is likely to be of  interest.) Nothing is perfect in this world; it is inevitable that people will be unfairly charged with various crimes based on information obtained in data sweeps.

That the “recovery” will not actually help people seeking work.  I have heard economists talk about the “jobless recovery,” and it upsets me.  If the only people benefiting are the one per cent, it is not a recovery, just the rich getting richer.

That affordable housing will disappear in Mountain View, reducing the wonderful diversity in the city.

That the developments going up on San Antonio Road will make traffic untenable in the mornings.  Or in the evenings.  Or just in general.

That the developers will succeed in driving out the Milk Pail Market, one of the cutest and most authentic place to shop in the city.

That the country is going to hell in a handbasket.

And, finally, what am I going to make for dinner?

Okay, so that last one is going to go away soon, but it reoccurs frequently…

What do you worry about?

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1 Response to Twenty things I worry about.

  1. Geri says:

    Yeah, I’m scared about the possibility of Google lengthening my commute as well. And I have signed the Milk Pail petition that went around recently.

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