Lazy meanderings.

I am working again now. It’s a temporary, part-time job. I actually like temporary assignments: I like the goal oriented nature of the work. And besides, it’s good to be useful. Longer term work with more hours would be good, however — I think I am still going to keep looking.

I am back watching The Voice.  The new season has a lot more depth than last season, and the two one-named artists — Shakira and Usher, both of whom I enjoy watching as coaches — are back.  Not as many country singers as in past seasons — I would count only two of the remaining twenty as country.  A couple of blues, a few R&B, a lot of straight up rock & pop types.  Unlike the past two seasons, there are enough singers with at least some personality that I don’t have one person whom I hope wins. (Go, Josh Kaufman, go! Although if I were betting on the result, Sisaundra Lewis has an amazing voice of the type perfectly suited to this competition. As long as one of the teenagers who sing blues songs doesn’t win.  Sorry, but for most of them, they do not have enough life experience to actually connect with the material they belt out.) A couple of times coaches have commented that the talent pool is way deeper than at other singing competition shows, but they could as well say that it’s much deeper than Season 5.  I have already bought a couple of songs from the rounds before the iTunes sales even matter — I only did that once before (Caroline Glaser’s version of “The A Team,” which I love). (Oh, and Pharrell Williams is going to be a coach for Season 7! How cool is that?)

I should be posting more: writing that stays locked up on my “Writing” account doesn’t get seen by anyone.

It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood.  After being cold (for the Northern California in April value of cold) and rainy last week, the temperature has vaulted twenty degrees with brilliantly clear skies (and painfully bright sunshine).  A happy medium would be nice.

I hope all is well with you guys.


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