Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

During the course of this epidemic, our family has begun to create that which before we would have simply bought. We don’t sew our own clothes, but we do cook our own pizza and bake our own bread and… brew our own beer.

This is not entirely new: the Rocket Scientist and I have been homebrewing off and on for decades. (When we were looking through our homebrewing materials, we found a recipe for a “milk stout” that we brewed when I was expecting Railfan, some twenty-seven years ago.) Ales, stouts, lagers, you name it. (Except for India Pale Ale, which no one in the family likes.) We haven’t brewed lagers much because we generally lack the cold necessary for lagering. (When we did it before, we were in Virginia and had a crawl space next to the basement.)

One year ago, we brewed a porter, which we named “Pandemic Porter.” Yesterday we brewed a red ale, which we will name…


(In all honesty, I didn’t come up with the name.)

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