I’m a few days late on these things…

1) I hope you have a lovely spring.  For any of you who live in the Northeast or Midwest, I hope that means that spring actually comes in soon.  Here’s hoping for no more snow.

2) I have not commented on the death of Fred Phelps.  I have worked on not paying attention to those people for a long time now (other than their case which hit the Supreme Court, where I had to reluctantly agree with them), and did not plan to start now.  However, three things:

John Scalzi at Whatever stated that the only response he had was to send $100 to the Trevor Project, and that beyond that he was not going to discuss it. Classy.

The Phelps clan still found time to picket a Lorde concert in Kansas City, where the counter-protest included people holding up a very large sign reading “Sorry for your loss.”  Very classy.

Fred Phelps died on the anniversary of Fred Rogers, who may have been one of the classiest people to walk the earth in my lifetime.  I only hope they meet up somewhere in the afterlife (I would never consign anyone, even Fred Phelps, to hell), and Phelps comes to understand the errors of his ways.

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