Speaking of Weird Al…

I have fallen in love with “Sports Song.” It captures the essence of every college fight song out there — except for Stanford, who insist on being weird. (I keep thinking of UGA, and Michigan, and even Georgia Tech.)
It’s not “Fight Fiercely Harvard,” but it’s good.

Edited to add: I just realized that the running back smashing over the tackle is wearing a Cincinnati Bengals helmet. That’s just great, although the Bengals did not suck as much in 2013 as they did earlier in their existence.

Edited to add again: The other night when Weird Al was on @midnight, host Chris Hardwick said he could no longer listen to the song  “Happy” without hearing the lyrics to “Tacky” instead. The Weird Al effect strikes again:  Al has corrupted “American Pie,” and “Another One Bites the Dust,” among many others. (With the last one, I have trouble even saying the name of the song: unless I am concentrating, I invariably identify it as “Another One Rides the Bus.”) Some of these are welcome: I never did like “Like a Virgin,” or “Bad.” And then there is “I Lost on Jeopardy”….

Also, I just realized that “Word Crimes” has a split infinitive in it.  That doesn’t bother me, but his target audience might find it irritating.

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1 Response to Speaking of Weird Al…

  1. Kathy says:

    I don’t mind split infinitives if it gives the sentence better flow.

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