Okay, so I’m struggling with this.  It is the time of year to reflect on all the things I’ve done wrong in my life. (This hits me in summer, moreso than my birthday or New Year’s. Summer has always been hard, but this year, given Mom’s death, it’s harder than ever. I am having an especially hard time letting go of the past few years of screwups.)

Things to be grateful for:

Starbucks, specifically Iced Venti Half-Caf Nonfat No-Whip Mochas with Sugar-Free Hazelnut Syrup (a.k.a., the Nutella Mocha.)

Sam and Nora, the baristas with whom I actually have conversations at the neighborhood SB.


Suits. (The clothing, not the television show.)

Weird Al’s new album.

Gasoline has gone down in price since last week.

DVRs. (Although this is a mixed bag: I have 56 mostly unwatched episodes of Doctor Who, which I can’t seem to bring myself to erase. Not to mention the 42 episodes of Good Eats, although I watch those occasionally for tips. Good Eats, Doctor Who, Jeopardy!, @midnight, The Wil Wheaton Project: I’m not a nerd, I just enjoy watching them on TV. Smart = Sexy.)

We’re not having mandatory water rationing — yet.  (I think we should and will soon — but it is still a pain.)

In spite of having close to 190K miles on it, the van’s air conditioning still works.  Mostly.

We’re past the summer solstice and days will be getting shorter from here on out.

My online friends.

And the usual things: I have a home, and a family.


I try to do fifty items each time I do these lists; today I can manage a dozen.

Oh, and I’m grateful I started this blog.  I think.



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