Links! Oh boy!

Every time I get on my computer, I run across dozens of links I want to write about, and never do.  Sometimes those links get lost when I close down the browser (or Georgia crashes); sometimes they just get added to the lengthening list of links on my Safari Reading List.

Today, however, I decided “what the hell, I’m just going to stick these in a post.” So here goes:

Under the heading “about damn time” comes the news that the Church of England has decided to ordain women bishops.  Have fun with that, guys.

“You’d think they could password protect a palantir”: John Scalzi’s record of his live-tweeting of a LOTR marathon. I rediscovered this today, and it’s a gem.

Speaking of John Scalzi, many of you are familiar with his “Lowest Difficulty Setting” post; he has an example of it in action here. I usually would never add a “don’t read the comments” warning to a Scalzi post — he’s the one of the best comment moderators on the web — but there is a certain… tedious repetition to some of the commenters’ views that can be wearying. (Although “Libertarian Dismount” is going to be my next band name.)

“Dating while mentally ill.” This article raises salient points not only about dating, but about relationships of all types. As I told a friend about my own decision to be open about my mental illness, it’s better to be lonely because people are scared off than heartbroken because they find they can’t cope and disappear.

Robert Reich’s “Rise of the Non-Working Rich” is well worth reading, and even more worthwhile to use to respond to your uncle’s rants about “welfare cheats.”

And this article is useful when faced with relatives insisting we need draconian voter-ID laws because of massive fraud: “Voter Suppression In Modern Georgia.”

Two articles about the way in which Big Tech screws over artists: “Not-So-Zen and the Art of Voluntary Agreements” (about Google’s stance on copyright) and “Freedom of Thought in a Vacuum of Patronage.” One response to those issues would be to regulate Google, Facebook, and Amazon as public utilities; since we can’t even get basic net neutrality secured, I’d say that will happen when an American Saddleback sails past my airplane window.

Federal judge rules death penalty unconstitutional in California.  I give the chances of this being upheld upon appeal as somewhere between “slim” and “a snowball in hell”, but it is nonetheless cheering news.

I love the music to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” I find it insanely catchy.  I cannot listen to the song, however: the words go beyond off-putting to disturbing. So thank you, thank you thank you, Weird Al: “Word Crimes” makes it possible for me to dance along at the same time I indulge my inner self-righteous grammar geek. (The irony of this — and yes, I do believe that word is used correctly — is how lax my grammar can be in my blog posts. I once had a blog post linked in an article by the Pew Center for Journalistic Excellence, with a footnote stating that grammatical errors were the fault of the blogger.) You even mentioned the Oxford Comma (see sidebar profile).  “First World Problems” was better in concept than execution, but “Tacky” had me giggling like a seven-year-old at a bubble-makers’ convention. (Weird Al devotees, help me out here: doesn’t the “Tacky” video end in the same alleyway where Al shot “Bob”?)

There is so much more out there (Mike the Mad Biologist is responsible for most of my link backup, along with Slacktivist and my Facebook friends) but I think that this is enough for now.


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