Love is love is love is…

For the past few years, I have tried to refrain from posting copyright-protected material. I am making an exception here. If you did not see the Tony Awards on June 12, you missed Lin-Manuel Miranda’s beautiful acceptance sonnet.  Please Google it, so you can see his performance of it as he accepted the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical. In the wake of the Orlando shooting, Miranda gave us something of beauty to hold on to.

My wife’s the reason anything gets done. 
She nudges me towards promise by degrees. 
She is a perfect symphony of one. 
Our son is her most beautiful reprise. 
We chase the melodies that seem to find us 
Until they’re finished songs and start to play. 
When senseless acts of tragedy remind us 
That nothing here is promised, not one day 
This show is proof that history remembers. 
We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger. 
We rise and fall, and light from dying embers 
Remembrances that hope and love last longer. 
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love; 
Cannot be killed or swept aside. 
I sing Vanessa’s symphony; Eliza tells her story. 
Now fill the world with music, love, and pride. 

By the time he got to “And love is love is love is love is love….” Lin-Manuel Miranda was in tears, as was I, as was most of the audience, both in theater and at home, in all probability.

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