Just a short note:

I have not been posting a lot for the last month because I have been working.Since early May I have been gainfully employed by a local county elections division (vote-by-mail department), a job which is just about to wrap up in another few days. I’ll write more about it when it ends.

That’s also the reason that I am not writing a lot of political posts (I had a couple, but nowhere near the amount I would normally have in election season). We are gently discouraged from discussing politics at work, and that reluctance has bled over in to my blogging. (I had to remove the rainbow Hillary sticker of the back of the cars; fortunately the Rocket Scientist had attached them with magnetic strips.)

The job is also the raison d’être for the disclaimer which now graces the sidebar of the blog.

The hours have been brutal. Last week was the first week I didn’t work overtime. Three weeks I worked over fifty hours, one of those over sixty hours. As my friend Jane the lawyer said, “Those are associate trying to make partner hours.” They are, but on the other hand, this is only a few weeks rather than several years.

It’s also been fun, and emotionally satisfying. Representative democracy for the win!

So, once I am no longer working, I will blog more. I have a couple of big changes coming up in my life that fill me with trepidation, and I’ll write more about those when I have the brain space to do so.  And when I have fully recovered from falling down, of course. My left arm hurts if I type too much.

See you later, alligators.

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