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I just heard a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Songs” by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. Wow. Yes, I know, there are major cultural appropriation issues. Bob Marley lived in a particular social and political context, and his music is a … Continue reading

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My dear RBG, I love you. You know that. You have been a beacon of hope for so many of us, a gifted champion for the downtrodden. I hope you live forever. But Donald Trump is right. You acted completely … Continue reading

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It is not difficult. Really, it’s not. The difference between Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus, or Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Manning, or Hillary Clinton and Edward Snowden, is… She did not knowingly and deliberately give classified information to people who … Continue reading

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Who knew? Hillary’s a Republican!

There’s this politician… Has a 100% rating by the National Abortion Rights Action League. Has an F from the NRA. Is endorsed by the Sierra Club, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, The Natural Resources Defense Council, Planned Parenthood, … Continue reading

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I have a new laptop — a Macbook Pro 13 in. (Trying to run El Capitan or Yosemite on my 2011 Macbook Pro was proving excruciatingly hard.)   I was considering what to call it following my usual naming conventions (artists). Thus … Continue reading

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