I have a new laptop — a Macbook Pro 13 in. (Trying to run El Capitan or Yosemite on my 2011 Macbook Pro was proving excruciatingly hard.)
I was considering what to call it following my usual naming conventions (artists). Thus far, my electronics have been:
Jan (Vermeer, my first laptop)
Francisco (Goya, my first backup drive, which died when I accidentally kicked onto the floor)
Henri (Toulouse-Lautrec, second external drive)
Georgia (O’Keefe, second laptop)
Artemisia (Gentilleschi, iPhone)
So after careful consideration (Rosa, after Bonheur; Edward, after Hopper; Claude, after Monet)*…
I would like to introduce Dorothea, after noted American photographer Dorothea Lange.
Hopefully we will have a long and fruitful collaboration. 
*For obvious reasons, Vincent has never been a serious contender.
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