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I have not been a fan of Colin Kaepernick. It’s not really anything to do with him; I’m not a 49er fan generally. (No, I’m not a Raider fan, either.) I would probably be happier if I followed the Niners rather … Continue reading

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Now for something completely different….

I needed  a short break from reading political news and stressing about the state of our Republic, so I am re-reading various Terry Pratchett books. It was either Pratchett or Pride and Prejudice, and I don’t even have the emotional … Continue reading

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Follow up.

Yes, there are racists in Mississippi. There are also racists in Maine (Governor Paul LePage for one) and Oklahoma and California and all across America. This crap is everywhere, unfortunately. Donald Trump’s followers are not just in the Deep South.

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Dear Rachel….

Dear Rachel Maddow: I love you, I really do. I have been watching your show for years. But last night you crossed a line. That so many other people cross that line all the time with impunity is no excuse. … Continue reading

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Summertime Blues.

By all objective standards, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Not by mine. The sky is hazy, perhaps with smoke blowing up from the Soberanes fire near Big Sur. But the temperature is moderate — 72 degrees with clear skies. It’s … Continue reading

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No, you really can’t do that.

[I am not authorized to speak for my employer; everything in this post comes from personal experience. I am solely responsible for the content herein.] I’ve watched a lot of political coverage this year. A LOT. Lately, Donald Trump has … Continue reading

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