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My soundtrack.

I can’t write about politics today. I know for whom I am going to vote, and many, many others are writing far better than I could about the dangers of electing a narcissistic, xenophobic, ignorant bully to the most powerful … Continue reading

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In my friend Jane’s Facebook page a extremely conservative college classmate of hers stated, in regard to voter ID laws, “Why would someone refuse to show ID unless they were going to cheat?” Why, indeed? Maybe because… They are an elderly … Continue reading

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Jim Wright, one of my go-to bloggers for intelligent analysis, writes, with bitter sarcasm, that we “won” after 9/11.  But for people for whom sarcasm is not a native language… We didn’t win. When the first soldiers were deployed to Iraq, … Continue reading

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Oh, and another thing….

When someone asks a favor from a Clinton aide or someone in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and that favor is never granted, that is not evidence of corruption on Clinton’s part. If anything, it’s the opposite.

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Dear Mainstream Media (and today I am looking at you, Steve Karnacki): For Pete’s sake, whenever Donald Trump or his surrogates talk about how Obama has let immigration enforcement go to hell in a hand-basket, CALL THEIR BLUFF!!!!! Do not … Continue reading

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It could be worse. If you Google “Labor Day hurricane Florida,” the top hit will not be Hurricane Hermine. Instead it will be the Labor Day hurricane of 1935, the strongest and most intense storm ever to make landfall in … Continue reading

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