Dear Mainstream Media (and today I am looking at you, Steve Karnacki):

For Pete’s sake, whenever Donald Trump or his surrogates talk about how Obama has let immigration enforcement go to hell in a hand-basket, CALL THEIR BLUFF!!!!!

Do not follow up the ridiculous assertions by asking a horse-race question, or a question about Hillary Clinton. You are supposed to care about the truth — actually confront them with the TRUTH!!!!

Obama has deported more people than any President before him, to the point that in some quarters he has been referred to as “Deporter-in-Chief.” Immigration — illegal and otherwise — has been dropping over the last few years, to the point where there is a net migration from the U.S. To allow Trump to talk about immigrants pouring over the border is to let falsehood triumph in the face of fact.

I  can’t believe I have to tell you this. You people are supposed to be professional journalists.  If this danger to America gets elected, you — and your refusal to hold his feet to the fire — will be part of the reason why.



PS. Sorry about all the exclamation points, guys: I really am that ticked off about this.


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