I am very high. I’m not sure why: Vicodin generally doesn’t affect me this much. As far as why I need the Vicodin…

Walking to the car to go to a Father’s Day brunch for The Rocket Scientist, I stepped on an uneven place where there was a dip in the ground next to the sidewalk. I fell, heavily (there really is no other way for me to fall), twisting my right foot. It was uncomfortable, but not too bad. It had that “I don’t hurt much know, but this is really going to suck  tomorrow” feeling.

On the way back after a lovely brunch, walking down the sidewalk looking for the hat I had dropped when I fell, I mentioned to the Red-Headed Menace “Say, isn’t the where I fell?”

At that exact moment, I trod on the uneven place, and fell again. I twisted my left ankle and hurt my left arm. This was greatly painful, although I could not help laughing at the stupidity of it all.

What a day.

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