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I call The Rocket Scientist “dear.” I call the kids “hon” (individually — as a group they are “you guys”), usually with my eyes shut and my hand rubbing the bridge of my nose in exasperation*: “Hon, just because the … Continue reading

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Well of course, silly. She’s a *cat*.

Penwiper strolls through the living room into the dining room, where I am sitting. Me:  Good morning, sweetheart.The Rocket Scientist, from the kitchen: I assume you were talking to the cat, not me.Me: That’s right — how did you know?RS: … Continue reading

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[Insert own post here.]

Calming down, I’ve decided that, while I am still quite angry over the Senate refusing to ratify the UN Disabilities Treaty, calling people names is not productive and is in fact in violation of my values of respecting other people … Continue reading

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