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Watch this space.

For those who read my “Hey, Alligators,” post, I just wanted to say that I will be resuming blogging here.  No one I know reads me here, so I will not spend my time obsessing over who my audience is. … Continue reading

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Hey, alligators.

Hiatus: A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break. I have been posting on this blog off and on for seven years.  In some years it has been more off than on, admittedly, but for the past three … Continue reading

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Sad. So sad.

In July, 2011, I wrote about the Aaron Swartz case.  It was with sadness that I read that Aaron Swartz had committed suicide. From all I have read, Swartz was a sweet guy.  He was only twenty-six, having done more … Continue reading

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Now if I can just win that stupid Powerball thing…

Remember when I promised a list of the U.S. hotels* I want to stay at when I win the lottery?  This is it.  I chose hotels I am personally familiar with; there are many just as exclusive places — certainly much … Continue reading

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Am I the only one who sees Mrs. Crowley on Downton Abbey and thinks “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister”?

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We interrupt the scheduled blogging for this announcement…

Ben Affleck got ROBBED. We now return you to the normal Wild Winds of Fortune schedule.

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My new bucket list.

Since I am close to finishing my art museum list, and inspired by Ken Burns’ series on the National Parks, I am creating a new list.  There are fifty-eight national parks (fifty-nine if you count Pinnacles which will be one … Continue reading

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I really need to pay attention to things when I make stuff up when cooking:  the totally kick-ass cranberry sauce I made with star anise, crystallized ginger, and chipotle powder has just been pronounced by the Resident Shrink to be … Continue reading

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The Rocket Scientist in McMurdo, from yesterday: He’s the small speck of white (those are his pants) in front of the blue building. He wrote yesterday that it was warm (34 Fahrenheit!) and that he had seen an Emperor penguin. … Continue reading

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Today, the Rocket Scientist has Antarctic “Survival School.”  He’s excited.  I’m not. Before scientists are allowed to go into the interior to do their research, they have to demonstrate that they can handle the conditions.  They are tossed on the … Continue reading

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Musically speaking, I tend to be well behind the curve.  I was late to the party that was gangnam style — I still don’t get it — but I love this parody: NASA-Johnson Style.

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The Rocket Scientist just texted a picture of him and other scientists in the plane that will take him from Christchurch, New Zealand to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  They have been prevented from going for days, and yesterday they got an … Continue reading

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But I was good.

My sister and her family gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas.* Today I went to redeem it. I was good: I did not buy very much.  I bought Les Miserables, because I want to reread the … Continue reading

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Mental illness & gun violence: we need to be careful, here.

It has been several weeks since the Connecticut shooting, and I taken the time to reflect.  My thinking has evolved from my early knee-jerk reaction (how crazy was this guy?), which I think is a good thing. On the page … Continue reading

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In defense of "adorkability."

In its list of word we will be glad to never see again, the Today Show included “adorkable.”  They’re dead wrong about this.  “Adorkable” is a great word: it neatly encapsulates a concept I have been trying to describe for … Continue reading

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