I may be posting here more. I am currently on hiatus from Facebook, so the little pieces I drop over there I will be dropping over here instead.

The aftermath of mass shootings is stressful for everybody. For me, the conversations online tend to revolve around the question of whether the shooter was mentally ill. I go about on my metaphorical Rocinante, challenging people who say “well, really, he must have been crazy. Sane people don’t commit mass murder.” It gets to be a bit much.

Everyone has a breaking point. Mine was when a friend of a friend suggested in all seriousness that the country should have, not a registry of gun owners, but a registry of the mentally ill, with information provided by doctors and pharmacists.

There is a long post about the…. ill-advisedness ….. of such a registry waiting to be written, but just right now I am worn out.

And more importantly, the Not-So-Little Drummer Boy has been in town from Korea for a short stay. The whole family took a day trip yesterday (the Red-Headed Menace came up from San Diego for a couple of days), which was lovely, but I just want the next couple of days to feel pleasanter and more hopeful than they have lately.

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