Artists in residence.

I have left the Borg…  for another Borg.  The Droid 2 is now a paperweight.  I have left the Android universe, and am back in the Apple fold.

The iPhone4 is now up and running.  In keeping with the naming conventions for my devices (except for the Droid, which never got named), the iPhone is Artemisia. (Thus far there have been Jan (my first laptop), Francisco (a defunct external drive that I knocked onto the floor while it was running a backup), Henri (Francisco’s replacement) and Georgia (my current laptop).)  I don’t expect to hit the problem Apple did with the big cats, at least not anytime soon.  Several of my favorites are out of consideration, though, since I have a rule against using the first names of friends and family.  This eliminates Singer-Sargent (not to mention Constable and Turner), Whistler, Chagall, Cassatt, and Hockney, among others.  (And NO Ninja Turtles.  I’m  split on whether Michaelangelo would be gone in any case — I know a lot of Mikes.)

I think naming a piece of electronics Vincent — or  Heironymous — might be tempting fate.

But there is still Edward, Edouard, Paul, Domenikos (Theotokopoulus, a.k.a. El Greco), Dorothea, Diego,  Auguste, Pierre, Chuck, Alessandro, Hans, Rosa….



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