If February 15 is National Half-Off Chocolate in Red Heart-Shaped Boxes Day, November 1st is the $1 White Pumpkins from Safeway Day.  (Usually, I haul myself to Half Moon Bay (sort of a tradition) for white pumpkins, but the van is acting odd.)

You need to use white pumpkins — and the right kind of white pumpkins — for baking.  Some varieties of white pumpkins have greenish interiors and taste squash-like.  Other types have reddish-orange flesh  and smell faintly like cantaloupe. They’re sweeter than your typical jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

Right now there is the sweet smell of roasting pumpkin wafting through the house.  Later, it will be scraped from the skin, divided in two-cup portions, and frozen.  It will be sweet, rich pumpkin-date bread, to be served with cream cheese, or mixed with condensed milk to be baked into pies.  I may even try my hand at soup this year.

I love fall.

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  1. Geri says:

    Ooh looking forward to all of that cooking 😀

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