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End of the month tally.

I did not make the fifty thousand words. It’s a shame really — but I resisted the temptation to go back and edit former posts to make them longer.  I suppose that if I had chosen to do so last … Continue reading

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On this day, I give thanks for… [50 things, in no particular order]

Starbucks Venti Nonfat No Whip Decaf Salted Carmel Mochas. That I do not  have to worry about having a roof over my head. That I have enough food to eat on a regular basis. Turkey sandwiches with stuffing and cranberry … Continue reading

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Down from the attic.

There really is no other way to begin this post than… Hello, my name is Pat. I have bipolar disorder. I am not alone in this:  an estimated one to five per cent of people in the United States are … Continue reading

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More thoughts on my Voice obsession

Last night’s show (the top 8 performances) was terrific.  This group seems to be more talent deep than last season. There were no performances that were bad, although there were a couple that were less than stellar. I’m sorry, but … Continue reading

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Architecture and privacy.

The Economist recently had an article titled “Every Step You Take: Google Glass, Ubiquitous Cameras And  The Threat To Privacy.” I got to thinking about privacy, and how in some sense it is a twentieth-century, suburban phenomenon. In small towns, … Continue reading

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Theme song for geeks

Raise your glass If you are wrong in all the right ways “Raise Your Glass,” Pink “Do It Anyway” is one of two songs I have been playing in heavy rotation to motivate me.  The other is “Raise Your Glass.”  … Continue reading

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Today’s miscellany.

I think I am getting sick.  I have felt cold and achy all day.  I just hurt.  Of course, both my eldest son and my most affectionate coworker — the one who enveloped me in a big hug when a … Continue reading

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How can you not love a band like that?

I have written about my fanaticism for The Voice, the NBC singing talent show.  My favorites — James Wolpert, the uber-geeky former Apple Store employee and TessAnne Chin, the former backup singer for Jimmy Cliff — are still on the … Continue reading

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I am sitting contemplating the evolutionary advantages of boredom. I can’t think of any, but that might simply be because right at this moment I am bored out of my skull. Edited to add, later: I  might have written  more, … Continue reading

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An open letter to Alexander Coward

Dear Dr. Coward: I found your letter to your students about why you would not be participating in the one-day strike by workers at the University of California intriguing.  Like them, I am a product of top-tier educational systems.  Like … Continue reading

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It’s that time again!

Ah, Thanksgiving.  That means… cooking. A lot of cooking.  I rather enjoy it, provided I am organized (ha!) and spread the work over several days. I’m putting this here because it is easy for me to access regardless whichever computer … Continue reading

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The “I have done nothing of note with my life” virus is running strong through my veins this evening. It is a weird combination of green-eyed envy, deep sadness, great shame, and and a surprising amount of guilt. The combination … Continue reading

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I have been worried about the increasing influence of churches in America in the past few years.  This may seem odd, since religion — particularly Christianity, particularly Protestantism — has always had some level of influence in America. I find … Continue reading

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Medical outrage.

Another entry into the “what has our government turned into” category.  It doesn’t revolve around law enforcement or terrorism, even though both of those are bad enough. No, this is an appointment to a position of power by a person … Continue reading

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Criminally Minded.

I’m watching 48 Hours, a show I almost never watch.  I am usually quite skeptical of shows dissecting unpopular acquittals in criminal cases.  Often such shows are simplistic and sensationalistic.  The television producers take a single case, present as much … Continue reading

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