I am sitting contemplating the evolutionary advantages of boredom. I can’t think of any, but that might simply be because right at this moment I am bored out of my skull.

Edited to add, later: I  might have written  more, but I was testing out my WordPress app on my iPhone, while I was waiting in the car for Railfan.  All I learned out of the experience is that it is a pain to actually post anything using the screen on an iPhone.  I type about 30 words a minute on a bad day (42 on good ones) and hunt and pecking the teeny-tiny letters is annoying beyond belief. (I don’t like iPads for similar reasons.) Even with my pull out keyboard on my Droid I was able to do better.

I don’t foresee actually using the WP app much, unless I am stuck somewhere for a very long time and have nothing better to do, or unless I find myself in the middle of an earth-shattering or historic event.  I might be more likely to use Twitter in that case, anyway. (I actually only signed up for Twitter because at the time I was working in an unreinforced masonry building and I wanted a way to reach people if the structure collapsed during an earthquake.)

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