End of the month tally.

I did not make the fifty thousand words. It’s a shame really — but I resisted the temptation to go back and edit former posts to make them longer.  I suppose that if I had chosen to do so last night and tonight, I could have gotten a lot closer to my goal, but the past few days have been spent mostly with family.

I was busy yesterday (not shopping!). I could have blogged last night, but instead chose to sit around playing poker with everyone.  Today, all of us went to see the Red-Headed Menace in the State Cross-Country Championships, and afterwards I took a well needed nap.  I could stay in the rest of the evening and write, but we’re going out to have fun and then go to dinner.  I do have priorities.

In the end, I blogged 22 of 30 days in November. on 11 days, I wrote more than 1500 words, on seven days, more than 2,000 and once more than 3,000.  My grand total for the month, including this post is  31,734 .

Some of those posts have been trivial, one was vital.  I ended up posting almost all that I wrote, so that you won’t be stuck seeing old posts in December.

I think, having done both, that it is easier to write 50K words of a really bad novel than 50K in blog posts.  You have to keep thinking up new topics.

Still, I am glad I made some sort of attempt.

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