Thumpa…thumpa… thumpa

I have something of a bad history of Halloween accidents. I have had more than one ER visit from cutting myself while making jack-o-lanterns. (Not recently, thank God.)  Just this evening, I sliced my finger with one of those kid-safe pumpkin saws. (It was only a small cut, which is why I use the kid-safe pumpkin saws.)

When it came to placing the jack-o-lanterns on top of the newly laid down bark mulch, I was worried.  There are a few words for that mulch, such as “tinder” and “fire hazard.”  No way was I placing lit candles anywhere near it.

I found the solution at Walgreen’s:  two multi-colored rotating disco balls. Now, when (not if) the pumpkins get knocked over and smashed by obnoxious teenagers, I’ll simply be out ten dollars in really cheap lighting, instead of a house.

Our pumpkins rock.

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1 Response to Thumpa…thumpa… thumpa

  1. Geri says:

    Ooh creative 🙂

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