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Boredom on a Sunday afternoon: love songs and other drugs.

This afternoon, I was listening to some new music — “Lego House,” by Ed Sheeran — and I got to thinking about love songs.  Being an incurable romantic (is there any other kind?  romanticism is a chronic condition), every so … Continue reading

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That’s my boy.

I talked to The Red-Headed Menace’s English teacher this evening. She showed me the first paper he turned in this fall, based on Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise.  The paper’s title? “Dilemma Me from Evil.” Ah, yes. We … Continue reading

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How to know you have spent far too much time thinking about the BART strike…

When you listen to the song “Wonderwall,” and instead of “All the lights that light the way are blinding,” your mind hears “And all the arbitration there is binding…”

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Dear members of the Boston Red Sox (as well as other major leaguers — you know who you are): You are not Mennonite farmers from 1872.  Shave, already.  Or at least trim the beard, ‘kay? Sincerely, A fan with sensibilities.

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