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The ACA explained in under seven minutes

[from the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation]

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I just remembered this xkcd comic.  I need to work on keeping the message in mind. [Warning: bad language.]

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The days are getting shorter. The darkness is closing in like a soft blanket. Halloween will be here before too long, and then Thanksgiving, and then, just before Christmas, the turn of the year. All to the good.

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I am working my way through the works H.P. Lovecraft.  (As I said in a comment to the previous post, I don’t deny my soul might need saving. : ) ) This led to me discovering this afternoon that when … Continue reading

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[Note: I should put a disclaimer here: any opinions on this blog about the Affordable Care Act and/or Covered California are solely my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employers.] The job is starting to get to … Continue reading

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Today’s Public Health PSA

An article at the Body Politic blog (found via Mike the Mad Biologist) reminds me to remind all of you:  get your Tdap.  Tdap is the Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis booster.  We are currently in the middle of pertussis outbreaks … Continue reading

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I usually read political blogs.  This morning I started to, and just couldn’t. Reasoned political analysis can fail in the face of stomach-churning fear.  I no longer feel the same shortness of breath, back of neck tightness stress about women’s … Continue reading

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Best. Political. Ad. EVER. I don’t give money to candidates in states I do not live in, as I have enough difficulty supporting candidates on my home turf, but I would sure throw this guy a few dollars — and … Continue reading

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We the People….

HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY!!   GO FORTH AND EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS! Call your Senator’s office to let them know you want them to… work for a higher minimum wage, or federally mandated gun control, or whatever is on your political or ideological … Continue reading

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Things are…. Okay, not so hot.  Work has been occasionally problematic, and life in general kind of sucks. A friend of mine has a motto, “Nobody died, nobody is going to jail.”  We’ve adopted it in our family, too.  Normally … Continue reading

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A few thoughts…

“All honest labor is honorable.”  H.L. Greene, Jr. (a.k.a., my Dad.) Every day should be Labor Day. The good folks over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money have put together a set of labor day posts.  Check ’em out. The people … Continue reading

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