A few thoughts…

“All honest labor is honorable.”  H.L. Greene, Jr. (a.k.a., my Dad.)

Every day should be Labor Day.

The good folks over at Lawyers, Guns, and Money have put together a set of labor day posts.  Check ’em out.

The people at the cable channel H2 (younger sibling of the History Channel) are either  blind to irony or are sick puppies: they scheduled a marathon of the series “The Men Who Built America” (about such friends to labor as Andrew Carnegie) for Labor Day. I do not object to the series as such — it goes in for less hagiography than is the norm for such shows from the History Channel and H2 — but really, people.  You could not have found a show on the history of the labor movement? Oh, wait — that might offend your core demographic.

Oh, and Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has done as much as he can to destroy the public sector unions in that state, Tweeted “Happy Labor Day!”  The reaction was pretty much what you’d expect.

At any rate, I hope you had a nice Labor Day.  We celebrated by going to the Computer History Museum, which was interesting (at least the first half, the second half I lived through and so it felt more like nostalgia than history).

Of course, computers have impacted labor in a myriad of ways, both good and bad, and the industry has not necessarily shown itself to be considerate of its workers.

Food for thought.

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