Things are….

Okay, not so hot.  Work has been occasionally problematic, and life in general kind of sucks.

A friend of mine has a motto, “Nobody died, nobody is going to jail.”  We’ve adopted it in our family, too.  Normally it works, except….

Yesterday morning was spent at the county jail getting a visitor pass to see a friend who is in the slammer, and the  evening was spent at a memorial service for my department head from when I was at the senses Census.

I know life is not all beer and skittles, nonetheless, I think I am due for a winning streak.

ETA: I was using the Dictate command on my Mac, hence “senses.”  Heh.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ah, but remember… the reasoning behind that is the risk/stress balance. When people are dead or in jail (or could get there), it’s reasonable to stress.

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