We the People….


Call your Senator’s office to let them know you want them to… work for a higher minimum wage, or federally mandated gun control, or whatever is on your political or ideological agenda. (Those are just on my political agenda.  Your mileage not only may but will vary.  That’s cool.)

Get together a peaceable assembly to protest U.S. actions towards Syria.  Or something else.  Whatever you want.

Sit in a church pew or stand on a street corner and recite the Lord’s Prayer. Or prayers from the Koran, or readings from the Torah. Or invocations to the Goddess. If you are on a street corner, though, be prepared to have someone argue with you.  Free speech, you know.

Write a letter to the editor.


Go about your day feeling more or less secure that the police will not stop you on the street for no reason.  (Unless you are brown or black and live in New York.  Or many other places, actually — those places just do not have official “stop and frisk” policies.)

If you are so inclined, go to a gun range.  Provided you have properly licensed firearms, that is.

Reread Brown v. Board of Education, or Roe v. Wade, or Marbury v. Madison, or whatever your favorite Supreme Court Case is.  Find a case from last term that especially resonates with or delights you. Or outrages you.  (Shelby County v. Holder, anyone?)

If you are a young woman, read about Alice Paul.

If you are young African-American, read about Medgar Evers.

Actually, if you are a white male, read about both those people if you are not already familiar with them.

Register to vote.

Rejoice over Article III standing. And the Commerce Clause.

And, whatever you do, read the U.S. Constitution for yourself.  It is amazing how many people make claims about what is in there who have absolutely no clue.

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